• 11.14.15 "Learning. Feeling."

    I just learned where Beirut is. It's on the west side of Lebanon and touches the Mediterranean Sea. If you widen your view on a map, it looks as though you can throw a stone with your weak hand and hit Cyprus, or Syria, or Israel, or Jordan, or Turkey.
    There appears to be a section of a highway that circles the city that's named Paris in the AUB 'hood there.
    Most of my thoughts last night were with the people of Paris, France. Today, my scope has widened as I'm saddened by the horrific events that have take over the last few days in both Beirut and Paris. I'm thinking about the people of Beirut, and the people of Paris who are suffering now. I'm thinking about the people who are suffering here in The United States of America for the same reasons people are suffering there. My thoughts are with people who are suffering everywhere for reasons I cannot understand.
    Thursday night, a man taught me that humans are all made up of 99.9 (some odd number) percent of the same DNA. We're a family. We're acting like it.
    To my brothers and sisters around the globe, I care about you and your well being. I will not harm you intentionally. I realize that I may unknowingly cause you harm by some of my actions, my decisions, the things I purchase, the way I vote, the way I live. Please forgive me. I am selfish.
    I don't throw out words such as "Light" and "Peace." These words, to me, are loaded just as the weapons used to bring about such ideas.
    I'm sending out a warm, mental embrace - a hug if you will - to my human family.
    I'll repeat Theodore Roosevelt's words: "Walk soft, and carry a cup of water, and a bowl of rice."

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    Greetings from my new home in Omaha, Nebraska. Happy Fall!

    It's ben a little over a month since I made the long drive from Brooklyn, NY. 

    I'm enjoying myself out here so far! I'm working on finishing another record, and look forward to sharing the songs with you as soon as possible! 

    Please stay tuned!

    Thanks for checking in.

    Double Peace,


    (Photo credit: Drew Wilson)

  • Making a New Record

    Hi There,

     I'm excited to be making a new record with my band out in Omaha May 2015 with my super talented friends Conor Oberst and Mike Mogis co-producing the record. 

    Stay tuned, as we hope to be documenting that process beyond the actual record i.e. perhaps some photos and behind-the-scenes video. I hope you'll join me on this exciting journey!

    Thanks for your attention!

    Love and Gratitude,



    On a cold, rainy day in Buffalo, Once Took A Day was shot.
    As winter is upon us again and the weirdness continuing with the
    planet and is inhabitants, we thought now was the perfect time
    to share with you all.