Song hound MiWi La Lupa is a dreamer, a far-fetched being whose human core is as gentle and endearing as his voice. In 2005, MiWi made it down the Hudson River from Buffalo to the city of New York. A decade later, he has made impactful impressions as a singer-songwriter, a session musician and multi-instrumentalist.

Now in the spotlight with his solo endeavor, MiWi La Lupa and his wolf pack create melodies that stitch a seamless foundation for his wistful prose. The core band is built of NYC friends and comrades Tim Allen (guitar)​, Jesske Hume​ (b​ass and ​v​ocal​s) ​​​​and Conor Elmes​ (Drums).

Evolving from his familiarity with improvisational music, MiWi took a giant step into the world of folk with his 2014 debut album “A New Way Home” on Team Love Records. Mainly writing about the grief of a love that strayed too far, La Lupa was able to pull at the heartstrings and create an engulfing experience for all.

MiWi La Lupa approached the beginning of 2016 with a move to Omaha, Nebraska, a European tour with good friends Samuel Blatter, Big Harp, The Good Life, Dook Dootson and Roamer Extended, and the release of his 2016 sophomore album titled “Ended Up Making Love” on Team Love Records. ​ ​With a collaborative production effort from Mike Mogis and Conor Oberst the album was recorded in all of just 2 weeks at Arc Studios in Omaha, Nebraska, and was mastered by Doug Van Sloun. When asked how it felt to be working with Mogis & Oberst, MiWi had all but one word to describe it -natural.

With “Ended Up Making Love”, La Lupa took a dive in the deep end and proved that not every end is a halting experience. Forbearing and truthful “Ended Up Making Love” sets MiWi up for a welcoming introduction to his third record titled “Beginner’s Guide”.

The ability to sonically envelop listeners comes from La Lupa's innate need to tell a story. Through relatable lyrics and catchy riffs, La Lupa continues his story with “Beginner’s Guide”. The distinguished sound of the album tends to resonate even long after his voice fades. 

Beginner’s Guide” will be released by Tiger Shrimp Records Autumn 2016.

About "Ended Up Making Love":

In the middle of the summer of 2015, we finished recording my second album – one that I truly am proud of. Since the release of “New Way Home”, I had been inspired and encouraged to keep writing. About 20 songs later, through live trial and tweaking with the band, I had a good combination of songs for a record. 

Late last fall, while on tour with Conor Oberst, we started listening to early demos. Eventually, during some down time, the idea of recording an album with He and Mike Mogis as producers was sprung – fast forward to today, after two weeks at ARC Studios, the record is finished and ready for release.

Working with ConorMike and engineer/musician Ben Brodin felt like the easiest, most natural thing in the world, and allowed my incredible band and me to truly enjoy the recording process.
Compared to “New Way Home”, the songs written on “Ended Up Making Love” found me digging deeper than the despondency of losing a significant other. Life in NYC has given me great influence and inspiration by what is seen on the streets, in the news, conversations I have with people in my life, and relationships romantic or otherwise.

About New Way Home:

New Way Home, MiWi’s debut album on Team Love, is the result of life taking an unexpected turn. With the help of Monica Jane Frisell, the songs began to take shape in early 2013. As things developed, friends such as Joanna WarrenCurtis FowlkesRob JostMara KayeNatalie JohnTimothy AllenBill Frisell, and Conor Oberst, all enthused at the sound, eagerly jumped in to lend a hand. New Way Home is a short, immediate, and catchy album, but its real magic lies in its ability to invoke a wide range of sonic diversity while not losing sight of its singular vision. A track like “Ashes To The Wind” invokes legendary bluesman Howlin’ Wolf, while “Here I Am” positions itself neatly between singer-songwriters like Ron Sexsmith and Stuart Murdoch. The album’s songs range from playfully vengeful (“Everybody’s Fuckin’ With Me”) to sorrowfully serious (“New Moon Night”).

MiWi’s voice is frank, his phrasing crisp, his lyrics easy to grasp yet full of twists. The songs document a season in a life, offering empathy to the listener while asking for the same in return. New Way Home comes out on Team Love Records January 21, 2014.