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Miwi La Lupa - TIPS

Produced by: Conor Oberst and Miwi la Lupa

Engineered by: Corina Figueroa Escamilla and Adam Cornelius Roberts

Musicians: Corina, Conor, John Evans, Nate Van Fleet, Monica Frisell, Todd Fink, Stathi, Annie Dilocker, Joanna Sternberg

Sermon by: Jim Keltner

Recorded at ARC Studios Omaha, NE

Artwork by: Tyler Cannellini Chickinelli

All songs written by: Miwi

Excerpt track 7: Joanna


Tigershrimp Records 2019


1 – No Show Boat
Drums - Nate Van Fleet
Vocals – Miwi, Corina, Conor
Guitars, Synthesizer, percussion – Miwi


2 - A Dean Street Tale
Drums – Nate Van Fleet
Guitars, Keys, Vocals – Miwi


3 – Prodigal Daughter
Drums – Nate Van Fleet, Conor Oberst
Guitars, Rhodes, Howl, Vocals - Miwi


4 – Puzzle
Drums – John Evans
Vocals, Guitars, Keys, Percussion - Miwi


5 – Companion Bridge
Drums and Drum Programming – John Evans
Black-up Vocals on “Lovers Here” – Monica Frisell and Corina
Guitars, Vocals, Bass Trumpet – Miwi


6 – Man with 1,000 Names
Drums – Nate Van Fleet
Guitars, Percussion, Vocals – Miwi
Vocals, Percussion – Stathi Patseas, Corina, Monica, Conor


7 – Wait, Wait
Drums – John Evans
Vocals, Keys, Bass, Bass Trumpet - Miwi
“Saw You Last Night Again” excerpt written and sang by Joanna Sternberg – recorded on Miwi’s phone at some
bar in the East Village


8 – These Tampered Heartbeats
Drums – John Evans
Synthesizers – Todd Fink
Guitars, Vocals – Miwi


9 – TBH
Drum Programming – John Evans
Keys – Annie Dilocker,
Vocals – Corina, Stathi
Vocals, Keys, Guitars, Woodblock – Miwi


10 – Late House
Vocals – Annie, Corina
Harmonica - Conor
Guitars, Drum Programming, Vocals, Tambourine – Miwi
Sermon – Jim Keltner

TIPS - Vinyl

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